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Nintendo’s King of the Ring finally joins Smash Bros.

Lil Mac returns to the Ring in Smash Bros

Well, it’s about damn time.

After first introducing us to the magic that a Nintendo all-star fighting game could be in 1999 (god, typing that makes me feel old), the House of Mario FINALLY brought a FIGHTER to the melee!

The introduction of Little Mac as a playable character during last week’s Nintendo direct was a surprise to me, but only because they’ve ignored the fighter standing in their midst for so long.

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Infinity and Beyond: Starbound’s Sandbox is Truly Galactic or Grand Theft Furniture: San Galaxia

StarBound Grand Theft Furniture Sans Galaxia

Chucklefish, the indie creators of PC-based “Starbound,” makes no reservations about what to expect when playing the beta version of their first-ever game.


Half of the fun and frustration in digging (or should I say matter manipulating) my way through the galaxies-wide sandbox game is discovering whether what I had built, earned, or stolen would be there in the morning.

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The Blue Bomber, the Maverick Hunter, the one and only Mega Man Coming to Super Smash Bros.

Mega Man Coming to Super Smash Bros

Special Report by Agent Parker

Fewer things made me happier today than Nintendo’s announcement about additions to the lineup of fighters in the “Super Smash Bros.” series. No, I’m not talking about the “Animal Crossing” villager or the “Wii Fit” trainer. (Seriously, Nintendo, what the hell were you thinking with THAT one? No Little Mac announcement during E3? Blech.)

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PHRASING! – A Rant by Agent Parker

Sterling Archer says Phrasing

A Rant by Agent (Sterling?) Parker

On the hunt for some inspiration for a Father’s Day article recently, I started digging through the endless number of online pieces about “man caves” – the temples of testosterone, haven of hangovers.

Two unexpected entries crossed my Google feed, thanks to a pair of articles outlining the apparent trend (although the articles were from 2010 and 2012) of “mom caves” or “woman caves.”

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Special Report: Quest of Chronology | 25 Years Later the Legend Begins: Skyward Sword

The Real Legend of Zelda

Special Report by Agent Parker

“Rise… The time has come for you to awaken… You are fated to have a hand in a great destiny, and it will soon find you… The time has come for you to awaken…”

With that, a legend is born.

Burdened with near impossible tasks, the events of “Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword” send the original hero of Hyru – wait, Hyrule hasn’t been created yet?

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