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2014 Lehigh Valley Fan Festival at the Allentown Brew Works: Many Fandoms together in one Festival

2014 Lehigh Valley Fan Fest

Fan Festivals are like Comic Conventions, with a lesser emphasis on comic books themselves. So, I had a few expectations when I attended the 2014 Lehigh Valley Fan Festival this past weekend.

It exceeded my expectations, although I’m not sure if it was, in spite of or, because of it’s unique location in Allentown Brew Works; a multi-level brewery, restaurant, nightclub and event hall, all in one.

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Geek Space: Two Bakshi Walls

I have two walls in my home devoted to the animation of Ralph Bakshi, designated as my two “Bakshi Walls.” One is in my living room, which consists of three animation pencils from Wizards and the other is in my office, which has two actual animation cels from Wizards, so I guess you could call them my “Wizards” walls.

I’m going to share with you these walls, as they are two of my favorite Geek Spaces.

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