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“Rocks” by Joe Perry is a Great Memoir from One of the Greatest Guitarist

Rocks by Joe Perry is a Great Memoir from One of the Greatest Guitarist

Sure, I just reread the Aerosmith Autobiography, so why am I reading another book that basically tells the same story? Well, it’s because it’s a great story, one worth covering from multiple angles. Also, I wanted to know more about what happened during The Joe Perry Project years AND a little more about what happened after that first band autobiography ended which was around the Nine Lives recording…

But I wasn’t prepared for the amazing musical momentum within Joe Fucking Perry.

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The A to Z Files

Agent Hunt's British Isles A to Zed Playlist

Agent Hunt’s Collaborated British Isles A to Z Playlist

Disclaimer: This playlist is not necessarily the best that the British Isles has to offer. Rather it’s an A to Z of great songs by bands that I like listening to. Some are many decades old, while others are relative youngsters. Although this was curated with a certain audience in mind; it contains a degree of autobiography as it’s impossible not to link music to life events and moments in time. This playlist was also a collaborative effort, in places, so credit to my wife for some noted contributions.

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Walk This Way: The Autobiography of Aerosmith is The Definitive Story of The Definitive Rock Band Told In Their Own Words.

Walk This Way The Autobiography of Aerosmith

I know the story of Aerosmith. I’ve read the articles, seen the videos, and listened to the interviews. Heck I even read this book, back in junior high on a technicality because the teacher said Arrowsmith, but I read this instead.

But rereading this book again, I have a new appreciation for their story, their struggle, and their triumph. I also found myself in awe of the formatting of this “autobiography” about the band.

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The A to Z Files

Agent Hunt's A to Z Playlist

From Across the Pond: Agent Hunt’s A to Z Playlist

This list was originally about 40 songs long, and didn’t include the letters X and Z. My Amazon and Spotify playlists let me down so I was forced to delve further into the internet. I’ve no doubt that if I played to this my friends and family, they’d know it was mine.

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