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Couple Things Podcast Celebrates 100: Top 10 Must Hear Episodes (A CTP Starter Pack)

Couple Things Podcast A Starter Pack

I’ve written about Couple Things Podcast twice before, once for the epic crossover #CTPinJuly with The Stranger Conversations and once as a podcast you should be listening to, but this third time is in honor of their 100th Episode.

Reaching 100 Episodes is a monumental feat for most podcasts. After reaching a one year anniversary, Episode 100 is probably the episode that gets the most hype.

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Podcasters Decide: Who should play D.B. Cooper?

D.B. Cooper

D.B. Cooper continues to remain in the public consciousness. As the only unsolved case of commercial air piracy, the public is still enthralled enough with the mystery that any new news related to Cooper’s case or identity is quickly and widely circulated, almost fifty years later.

This says a lot about the case of D.B. Cooper, who hijacked that Boeing 727 back on November 24, 1971 taking with him the $200,000 in ransom he extorted before parachuting out of the plane.

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16 Podcast Quotes from 2016

16 Podcast Quotes from 2016

For those that don’t “get” podcasting there is a misconception that it’s just “one of those things that other people do.” But it’s not just one of those things. More and more people are turning to podcasts. It’s a skyrocketing medium.

Just like books, movies, and television, podcasting has many genres and from episode to episode those genres may coalesce into something new or different, but just like the former they can make us laugh, cry, think, and feel.

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Reasons Are Transitional: Reasons Are Several Revisited

Reasons Are Several Revisited

Reasons Are Several was hosted by Matt and Scott. But what happens when Scott goes on hiatus and is replaced by Neil from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks? You get the same quality of show and a different show at the same time.

Matt says it was “an easy transition” because he and Neil are similar, to a point. They also had “a connection” when they met for the first time last year in Portland. But what makes this most interesting is that it happened in the first place and it was successful right from the start.

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