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Azura Ghost is the high stakes trilogy middle book I didn’t know I needed

Azura Ghost is the high stakes trilogy middle book I didn’t know I needed

Remember way back in the fall of 2020 when my review of Nophek Gloss by Essa Hansen proclaimed that it was the start of a trilogy that you’d want to get your hands on? The sequel and middle book of that trilogy Azura Ghost keeps that promise and doubles down with fury and vengeance, love and compassion, and with a book that really does put the science back into science fiction.

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Souvenir of Canada is not to be left untouched on a shelf

Souvenir of Canada by Douglas Coupland a book review

Two years after the first publication of Douglas Coupland’s City of Glass, a brilliant if unconventional travel guide for his hometown of Vancouver, he published Souvenir of Canada. The would-be sequel is as brilliant and unconventional as City of Glass, excepting that it is about his home nation of Canada.

The format remains the same, but the scale is understandably larger. The goal, after all, was to share Canada with the world, and it also seems to re-introduce Canada to itself. At least, that’s the way I sometimes read it.

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Objectivity wins in Deighton’s WW2 analysis, “Blood, Tears and Folly”

Blood Tears and Folly by Len Deighton Review

Blood, Tears and Folly, An Objective Look at World War II by Len Deighton doesn’t pull punches on any side or any of the conflicts of World War II. In Blood, Tears and Folly, he tells the facts as they are, filled with ego and delusion, stupidity, idolatry, and simple wanton greed.

This is a history lesson in six parts: The Battle of the Atlantic, Hitler Conquers Europe, The Mediterranean War, The War in the Air, Barbarossa: The Attack on Russia, and Japan Goes to War.

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