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Random fandoms collide comfortably at Philly Non-Sports Card Show

Non-Sport Cards Show

This past weekend, I attended the 60th Philly Non-Sports Card Show in Allentown, Pa. This isn’t the first time I’ve been there, but every time I go I’m amazed at how much of that industry still exists.

I grew up with movie cards, sports cards, and collectible card games. Sure, I stopped collecting sports cards and I don’t collect Magic: The Gathering cards like I used to, but that obviously doesn’t mean everyone else kept up with their hobbies.

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Two Comic Book Stores and $50 are all it takes for a Successful Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day Sales

This past Sunday was the “Black Friday” for comic book shops around the country; “Free Comic Book Day.” It is always the first Saturday in May, hearkening the Summer in with free comic books, sales and special events at most comic book establishments.

Given the current economy, and I’m not just talking about comic books, I do believe that there is a correct way to celebrate the day.

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Infiltrating The 2013 Great Allentown Comic Con: The “Too Big” Little Con

Darth Maul at 2013 Great Allentown Comic Con

I really do enjoy going to The Great Allentown Comic Con. It’s always full of and eclectic bunch of artists, writers and celebrities.

It has friendly dealers that are just as willing to strike up a conversation as they are to sell you something. You can haggle prices and there are always people cosplaying, or if you prefer, there are always people in costume.

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Field Report: Infiltration of the Philly Non-Sports Card Show in Allentown

Philly Non-Sports Card Show in Allentown

Recently, I attended the Philly Non-Sports Card Show. I didn’t quite know what to expect. I had been to “CCG” shows, but they’re universally labelled as such. So I headed out, having very little idea of what might be in store for me.

When I arrived there was a line of about 100 people waiting to get in. It wasn’t quite a comic con crowd, but there were some characters, an equal mix of genders and a very wide range of ages.

Now before I explain what I saw at the show, let me explain all I know about Non-Sports Cards.

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The Great Allentown Comic Con 2011 – Day 2

Star Wars Panel with Peter Mayhew

Day 2, my return to the Great Allentown Comic Con 2011. In my mind, and apparently in many others, there was an anticipation at arrival of noon to come. Because at noon, Mr. Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca himself would be speaking on a panel with Tom Kane, the voice of Yoda in Clone Wars.

The room was packed, or at least for a con of this size, and compared to the panels that I attended on day one.

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