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Palmer and Max: An Odd Pairing of Two Old Cats

Palmer and Max (the Cat)

Max is my friend. It was unforeseen and evolved in a way that has baffled my partner Stef since he took a strong liking to me, especially since she would love to have that connection with him.

How did this happen? I have some ideas, but it’s probably a combination of many things – some are worth sharing while some are still unknown.

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Entertainment Listening: Podcast v. Music: Finding Balance

Entertainment Listening: Podcast or Music

It is no secret that I enjoy listening to podcasts. I have written about them, I have reviewed them, I have participated in them, and then I created and continue to publish my own. But I am also a lover of music, which I have also written about, reviewed, and played.

Of late, podcast listening has taken a back burner to music, specifically Bob Dylan, R.E.M., and some curated playlists on Spotify and Amazon Music.

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Sports Pages and Aviation Airplane cards represent the needless stuff of a meandering generation

Sports Pages and Aviaation cards represent the needless stuff of a meandering generation

There’s been a lot of talk about the naming conventions of a certain generation of late. I am one of those unfortunate souls stuck in between, particularly of the newly coined “geriatric millennials,” but it did come with some benefits. We were adaptable to the technological advances of our time, but we also got to experience the joy of the mundane as did our predecessors in Generation X.

Two of those things I came across while cleaning out some old boxes that highlight the mundane were Newfield Publications’ Sports Pages and Edito-Service Military Aviation Airplane Cards.

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Coupland’s “City of Glass” is the world’s best travel guide

City of Glass by Douglas Coupland

Every major city in the world has a talented writer. Every city in the world has a travel guide of some sort, but what City of Glass: Douglas Coupland’s Vancouver does is marry the talented writer with the travel guide glued together with a passion for one’s own hometown, to create not just a travel guide, but a glimpse into local life.

I read the 2006 Revised Edition, but originally published in 2000, this book is Vancouver’s ABCs, a local tourism perspective, the likes of which you’d need to find a very good local blogger to get from anywhere else.

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Even in LEGO form, the ISS is an engineering marvel

Even in LEGO form, the ISS is an engineering marvel

I recently sat down and built the LEGO Ideas International Space Station (ISS). Like the Saturn V and Lunar Lander before it, the release of this set coincided with an anniversary.

Released in 2020, the set marks 20 years since the station helped start a continuous human presence in space. LEGO pays another wonderful tribute to the station that orbits Earth 16 times a day and is the work of five different space agencies: NASA (United States), Roscosmos (Russia), JAXA (Japan), ESA (Europe), and CSA (Canada).

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