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Clearing out the clutter of my mind

Clearing out the clutter of my mind

I’m not sure if I’ll do this again, or if so, how often, but I’ve a lot going on in my head and just want to unload some it. Consider this a “take out the trash” post, if you will.

Some of these things will be connected, some will surely not. This just happens to be where I am at right now, so please don’t look any further into connecting these things than necessary. In all likelihood, there is no connection.

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Meerkat is Not the Next BIG Thing, It is just the Next Thing

Meerkat is Not the Next BIG Thing

Meerkat is trending. This is a fact. Partly it is trending because it’s a new name on the social media scene and partly because of its issues with Twitter’s Open Graph. But Meerkat is not new, nor is it innovative. It’s old and automated.

Meerkat has been described as SnapChat for live video with the added benefit of being tied into Twitter, so that all of your followers get the link to your live stream.

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‘Star Wars’ Prediction from Long Time ago Raises Questions about Vision for Final Trilogy

Future Life magazine-August 1980

In the August 1980 issue of Future Life, published just three months after the release of The Empire Strikes Back, a quote appears in the science and science fiction magazine that references Empire as the “‘second act’ of a proposed nine movie Star Wars series.”

This cannot be debated as I physically have a copy of the magazine.

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In Suspended Reality, How Important is Proper Syntax?

Nedrys Workstation in Jurassic Park

The question started to fester after spotting a Tumblr post entitled “Source Code in TV and Films.” It’s a brilliant concept of taking an in-depth look into the code on computer screens in television shows and movies and finding out what it really is.

The lines of code in SwordFish are from a DES cracking program, Nedry’s screen from Jurassic Park appears to be source code for a SGI UNIX machine, the boot up sequence for the Mark I version of the Iron Man suit in Iron Man written to boot up the suit for Tony Stark’s escape is some butchered C code, but does it have to be? Does it have to hold up?

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Let the bounty hunter Samus Aran bring Nintendo gamers back!

Samus Aran - Metroid Prime

A friend recently drew my attention to the IGN podcast discussing whether or not a new Metroid game would help or hurt the Wii U.

It’s an intriguing arguement that, if nothing else, attempts to balance ongoing criticism of Nintendo’s lagging Wii U sales with praise over what perhaps is the greatest trilogy of first-person shooters and certainly the history of one of the first female video game protagonists.

My quick answer? It cannot hurt.
That, however, comes with qualifications.

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