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Welcome to the Playoffs!

Aaron Rodgers Belt Celebration

“Welcome to the Jungle, baby… You’re gonna diiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” Yes, it’s Week 14 in the NFL and although there was a game on Thursday, I don’t count that too much, personally because I don’t have any Browns or Steelers on my team, but if you do I hope you had your line-up all set, otherwise, I hope you didn’t and that you’re matched up with me.

I know that there are a lot of people who didn’t make the playoffs.

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Football over Rhodes Scholarship… What would you do?

Patrick Witt Yale Quarterback rawpixel-792239-unsplash

Patrick Witt, the starting QB for Yale University has made his decision. He will play in “The Game” this weekend as Yale travels to Harvard. For Witt, a senior, this could be his equivalent of the Super Bowl. Ryan Fitzpatrick aside, most Ivy League quaterbacks don’t play in the NFL. They do however go on to successful careers, which has more to do with their Ivy league education than their on field football prowess.

Witt, whose application for a Rhodes Scholarship was accepted, decided not to go to the interview. Why?

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