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Kevin Smith Silent Bob Clerks

The world has become much smaller. Twitter, which I’ve complained about, is all about communication. It’s supposed to be about the conversation. And when people acknowledge your tweets that’s good, but when celebrities acknowledge your tweets, that’s amazing.

I, Agent Palmer (@AgentPalmer), been following Kevin Smith (@ThatKevinSmith)on twitter for quite a while

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Twitter is not Facebook

Twitter is not Facebook

It’s a really simple equation that most people just don’t seem to understand; twitter ≠ facebook. How hard is that to comprehend? Most people can understand that 8 ≠ 2, but twitter and facebook they confuse. It’s not apples and apples, it’s not even apples and oranges, it’s apples and plastic.

I understand that they are both social mediums and forms of communication. But the similarities stop there.

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Mr. Zuckerberg I Salute you and your Hoodie

I don’t claim to know all there is about investing and investors and companies going public. I do, however, know a lot about business and supply and demand. And as for all of this hullabaloo around Marck Zuckerberg and his hoodie, I completely understand… But as for the news outlets that are just reporting the surface facts, they are completely missing the point.

Mark Zuckerberg, like him or not, created facebook.

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BO.LT is Pinterest on Steroids but marketing is slow

Bolt and Pinterest

I was extremely interested when I heard about BO.LT. It was like Pinterest but instead of just one image it saves a permanent copy of a website for you. An archive like that is very useful to professional web designers and amateurs like myself. You can bolt a great design and keep it, even if it gets redesigned, you’ll have a copy your original inspiration. Also, you’ll be able to bolt sites before you redesign them, in order to have a copy of where you came from.

The concept is solid and with Pinterest soaring in popularity, I can see a similar rise for BO.LT as well.

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Posterous acquired by Twitter. An Email too late…

Posterous Spaces

On the morning of March 13th, 2012 I learned that Twitter had purchased Posterous. It’s very big news in the world of microblogging and social media because Twitter is a powerhouse in social media and Posterous is a player in microblogging, a rival or Tumblr.

I mention the date of March, 13th 2012 because as a Posterous user, I received an email from them telling me of the acquisition by Twitter on March 19th.

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