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Spoiler Free Review

Into the Shadows The Fever by Michael Brady

A Spoiler Free look “Into The Shadows” of Michael Brady’s Debut Novel

Into The Shadows is the first novel by Lieutenant Colonel Michael Brady. It’s fast, it’s current, and it’s grounded as a thriller introducing hero Michael Brennan to the world, while he attempts to save it from terrorists, globetrotting from Israel, Cyprus, Germany, Syria, Turkey, Jamaica, Cuba, and New York City with a diverse supporting cast.

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The A to Z Files

Agent Hunt's British Isles A to Zed Playlist

Agent Hunt’s Collaborated British Isles A to Z Playlist

Disclaimer: This playlist is not necessarily the best that the British Isles has to offer. Rather it’s an A to Z of great songs by bands that I like listening to. Some are many decades old, while others are relative youngsters. Although this was curated with a certain audience in mind; it contains a degree of autobiography as it’s impossible not to link music to life events and moments in time. This playlist was also a collaborative effort, in places, so credit to my wife for some noted contributions.

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Walk This Way: The Autobiography of Aerosmith is The Definitive Story of The Definitive Rock Band Told In Their Own Words.

Walk This Way The Autobiography of Aerosmith

I know the story of Aerosmith. I’ve read the articles, seen the videos, and listened to the interviews. Heck I even read this book, back in junior high on a technicality because the teacher said Arrowsmith, but I read this instead.

But rereading this book again, I have a new appreciation for their story, their struggle, and their triumph. I also found myself in awe of the formatting of this “autobiography” about the band.

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