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Making Time for Friends: A Geekin’ Weekend

From the desk of Agent Palmer

Occasionally, I get together with a good friend of mine and we “geek out” for the weekend. And this past weekend was one of those times.

It was filled with movies, conversation, sport, and some gaming. It had it all, and even encompassed a few seasons due to some odd weather, so I’ve decided to recap it.

He came down to visit on Friday night and we knocked out some Science Fiction right off the bat. He hadn’t yet seen Valerian, and I own it, so I introduced it to him. Then on Saturday we saw an early showing of Black Panther.

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Chinese Democracy: In Both Defense and Explanation of Guns N’ Roses’ Musical Growth

Chinese Democracy Guns N' Roses 2008 Album

For rock fans in Generation X and in between GenX and Millenials (of which I fall into), it was a punchline.

Chinese Democracy was the album that was never ever going to be released, until one day in November 2008, the 23rd to be exact, there it was: The long awaited Guns N’ Roses album that no one ever thought would be heard by anyone other than the reclusive Axl Rose, who was behind the machinations of the delays and the album’s eventual release.

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Fanboys is the Nerdy Road Trip Comedy You’re Looking For…

Fanboys The Movie

Fanboys is a film about Star Wars, and a cross-country road trip to see Star Wars Episode I before anyone else, by breaking into Skywalker Ranch.

It’s about four fanboys and one fangirl, but it’s also about fandom and friendship.

The cast is fantastic; Sam Huntington as Eric Bottler, Chris Marquette as Linus, Dan Fogler as Hutch, Jay Baruchel as Windows, and Kristen Bell as Zoe.

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The A to Z Files

Eclectic Taste: An A to Z List from Agent Carter

Eclectic Taste: An A to Z List from Agent Carter

The process of creating this list was just as difficult as some of the other lists I have created in the past. Certain letters came to me right away, while others required a bit of research and a process of elimination. I could easily have two A to Z lists to present to you all.

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