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What I Gained from Shouting Back from the Void: 100 Proxycasts and Counting…

What I Gained from Shouting Back from the Void 100 Proxycasts and Counting...

I recently had the privilege of being honored by my friends with a special episode of Our Liner Notes for having infiltrated 100 different podcast episodes. The very definition of “Proxycasting,” a term coined by Bill Sweeney of The Wicked Theory Podcast, which means “Palmer doesn’t need his own podcast, he has yours!”

And while that episode was, in fact, my idea, I have no doubts about its origin as a fairly egotistical start, but what happened at the end is worth noting on a very serious level

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Red Sparrow dares go where Marvel’s Black Widow Probably Should

Red Sparrow film review

Red Sparrow is a great addition to the world of cinematic spy fiction. And yet, because the film is so good and so close to the origins of Marvel’s Black Widow, it’s hard to see this as anything more than Marvel being painted into a corner.

But before I get too far into the weeds on that, let me first talk about the film on its own, based upon a novel of the same name by Jason Matthews which I haven’t yet read.

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