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The 2016 Reasons Are Several Bowl Pick’em

Reasons Are Several 2016 College Bowl Pick'em

Back in August, Matt and I previewed the 2016 College Football Season by picking Conference Champions. We were so close on a bunch of our picks. Well, we weren’t all wrong. Together Matt and I went .500.

This time we’re back for the “2016 Reasons Are Several Bowl Pick’em,” also known as episode #147, and Neil’s joining in on the fun. So maybe we’ll see some improvement.

So, here are our picks for what you might be able to probably expect during the greatest season of the year… Bowl Season!

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2016 College Football Season Preview Conference Winners with Reasons Are Several

2016 College Football Preview

Before the 2016 College Football Season kicks off, I joined Matt on Reasons Are Several to talk about rivalries, traditions, and to make predictions and picks for the upcoming season.

We predicted conference champions for each of the major conferences in the FBS, as well as our semi-final and final matchups, plus our prediction for the National Champion and Heisman trophies.

The episode is all the college football you can handle and maybe more.

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Why do we love March Madness?

Mercer Bears beat Duke Blue Devils

The First, Second and Third Rounds of the 2014 Division I NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament have come and gone.

Why do we watch it with such fervor? What is it about this tournament that captures our interest and passion?

Some of it is gambling, some of it is the drama, some of it has to do with underdogs and some of it has to do with watching Goliath fall.

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Inside Sports: A Brief History and Explanation of NCAA Basketball’s March Madness

NCAA College Basketball March Madness

In early March we start to hear things like; bracketology, RPI, eye test, automatic bid, Cinderella, sleeper, dark horse, and it all means that the Madness of March is approaching.

A time, when for a brief moment at least, in the United States, everyone is connected to their media devices wondering who will win in the NCAA Basketball Tournament and how it will affect their bracket and what each win or loss will do to their standing in the office bracket pool.

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