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Fifty Questions Answered by Agent Palmer

50 Questions Answered by Agent Palmer

In what seems like another time and place, my former producership at 7 Days A Geek, had me coming up with an idea to fill time with the two hosts at that time, The Angry Ginger and The Kilted One.

So, I compiled a list of 50 questions, to get two episodes out of asking them each the same lot of questions separately. And it went well… So well in fact, that I was able to ask Bill of The Wicked Theory Podcast the very same questions.

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DC Comics Inspires Superpowered Playlist

DC Superheroes Playlist

Even though Batman has no Superpower…

The DC Universe is more than comics these days, it’s also a cinematic universe, a television universe, and it has remained a stalwart of the comics publishing industry. It’s also served as an inspiration to artists across all mediums, and one place that is sometimes overlooked is DC’s influence in popular music.

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