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Infinity and Beyond: Starbound’s Sandbox is Truly Galactic or Grand Theft Furniture: San Galaxia

StarBound Grand Theft Furniture Sans Galaxia

Chucklefish, the indie creators of PC-based “Starbound,” makes no reservations about what to expect when playing the beta version of their first-ever game.


Half of the fun and frustration in digging (or should I say matter manipulating) my way through the galaxies-wide sandbox game is discovering whether what I had built, earned, or stolen would be there in the morning.

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Retro Gaming Revisited

Quake Retro Gaming Revisited

Quake: It was great then, it is still great now!

It was great then, it is still great now. Quake, the game that went on to change the game, is still relevant today. I’m not talking about Quake 2, 3, 4 or Quake Wars, I’m just talking about the original Quake. Whether you want to play through the single-player story or multiplayer death-match, both can still be done and are being done.

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Hail to the King, Duke Nukem Forever: F#@K Call of Duty! A History Lesson in Gaming!

Duke Nukem Forever American Icon

As mentioned in the previous post, I recently beat Duke Nukem Forever – A game that essentially 15 years in the making eventually released with little critical acclaim, but one that should have been given it’s due. Duke Nukem Forever was not for everyone but, having beaten the game, I can say it was made for me as I fit into the 1% of gamers who can appreciate its greatness.

In all fairness, the lack of critical acclaim was due to its place in modern gaming and has no actual bearing on the game itself.

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