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The Last Superbowl by George R. R. Martin is a Science Fiction Epitaph to Sports as we Know It

The Last Superbowl by George R R Martin

Sports are universally beloved. Geographically, the athletic competitions take on various forms; the NFL, NBA, MLB are strong in America; NHL in Canada; Premier League in Europe; and Cricket in India.

But the now legendary George R. R. Martin wrote about the downfall of them all in “The Last Superbowl,” a fantastically written short story in February 1975’s issue of Gallery Magazine, a men’s magazine.

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The Interrogation of Jerry JB Manas

The Thorough Interrogation of Renaissance Man and Author J.B. “Jerry” Manas

The interrogation of J.B. “Jerry” Manas is fascinating for anyone who has an inclination towards writing, although the concepts and advice wound through this can apply to subjects much broader than just writing. Usually, subjects of my interrogations are pliable, but it took this co-author of The Kronos Interference a little while to open up, and when he did… it wasn’t Intel we found inside, it was wisdom.

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Fifteen Movies to Watch in 2015

15 Movies to Watch in 2015

It’s 2015, Happy New Year! As 2014 came to a close, I coined it the “Year of the Trailer.” With that being the case, there must be movies in 2015 worth seeing.

So, in the interest of maintaining 2014 as the “Year of the Trailer,” here are 15 movies that you should see in 2015. They run the gamut from adult to children’s movies, action and adventure, reboots, continuations, and, of course, comic book movies.

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Spoiler Free Review

The Kronos Interference Spoiler Free Book Review

The Kronos Interference is Brilliant: A Spoiler Free Book Review

I just finished reading The Kronos Interference by Edward Miller and J.B. Manas and it was great!

The cover touts it as “Crichton meets Hitchcock,” and it lives up to that billing and them sum. It is a fantastical look at time travel, and its implications, while weaving a plot of intrigue that is at times scary and scientifically brilliant, while creating amazing historical anomalies.

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