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An attempt to explain World Cup Fever and Fanaticism in Geek Terms

Star Wars and The World Cup 2014

Football, Futbol or Soccer, whatever you call “The Beautiful Game” it’s currently in a stage of frenzy commonly called, “World Cup Fever,” and the only cure is more of it.

In fairness to the other sports, it is only really in the United States where you either get it or you don’t. Otherwise, you get it and it’s a matter of degrees between passing fancy or religion.

In places where it is a religion, almost every beyond American borders, although factions do exist within the US, it’s hard to explain to Americans why it’s so important.

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2014 Lehigh Valley Fan Festival at the Allentown Brew Works: Many Fandoms together in one Festival

2014 Lehigh Valley Fan Fest

Fan Festivals are like Comic Conventions, with a lesser emphasis on comic books themselves. So, I had a few expectations when I attended the 2014 Lehigh Valley Fan Festival this past weekend.

It exceeded my expectations, although I’m not sure if it was, in spite of or, because of it’s unique location in Allentown Brew Works; a multi-level brewery, restaurant, nightclub and event hall, all in one.

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The Year of Living Biblically: Insight into Religion from A.J. Jacobs (and Applied to Fandoms)

The Bible, consisting of both New and Old Testaments, in all it’s forms and versions is an extremely polarizing collection of words. In “The Year of Living Biblically: One Man’s Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible,” A.J. Jacobs catalogs his mental, physical and emotional journey through the waters of ancient and modern biblical literalism.

It’s hard to write about this book without giving away his conclusion, so I’m going to. But this book is much more about the journey than the destination in that regard.

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