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Fanboys is the Nerdy Road Trip Comedy You’re Looking For…

Fanboys The Movie

Fanboys is a film about Star Wars, and a cross-country road trip to see Star Wars Episode I before anyone else, by breaking into Skywalker Ranch.

It’s about four fanboys and one fangirl, but it’s also about fandom and friendship.

The cast is fantastic; Sam Huntington as Eric Bottler, Chris Marquette as Linus, Dan Fogler as Hutch, Jay Baruchel as Windows, and Kristen Bell as Zoe.

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18 Movies Coming to Theaters in 2018

18 Movies Coming to Theaters in 2018

This could very well be the same list you’ve read a hundred times since the beginning of the year. Do I apologize for this? I do not. This is a geek blog and most of these movies are geek movies, it just so happens that geek has moved into and maintained its place within the mainstream.

That being said, this is my list of the 18 movies I’m most looking forward to in 2018. Enjoy, and pass the popcorn.

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Self Control, LEGOs, and Money… Or LEGO, My Wallet! I’m a Kid Again!

LEGO My Wallet

Self control, Palmer, self control…

As some of you may remember back in July I bought myself the LEGO Saturn V Rocket. Now, there are three things of note. One, I bought it because I was and still am enamored with space flight, two I had a place on my mantle to display it after building it, and three I ended up getting on the LEGO mailing list through making my order and am now in possession of two LEGO Holiday Catalogs…

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The Underappreciated Innovator: A Review of George Lucas: A Life by Brian Jay Jones

George Lucas A Life by Brian Jay Jones

Before I picked up George Lucas: A Life by Brian Jay Jones, I had seen most of his movies and presumed to know much of his story building an empire, making movies and innovations. And well, I was wrong. I knew very little, but I know more now, because the book is a fantastic read.

As biographies go, specifically unauthorized ones, this one may be one of the best, because it is so well researched that citations at the back of my hardcover copy merit 51 pages to list them all. Here’s the other thing, I didn’t know it was an unauthorized biography until I read the “Acknowledgements” at the end of the book. That’s how in depth and well written and thoroughly researched it is.

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