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Special Report: BUTTON MASHER or Why I love being my Kids’ Go-to Gamer

Special Report BUTTON MASHER or Why I love being my kids go-to gamer

Special Report by Agent Parker

A funny thing happened the other evening. With our tax return in hand, I promised the kids one purchase each to celebrate Uncle Sam’s annual kickback.

Not surprisingly but certainly with some geek pride swelling in my heart, both chose video games.

Boss battles presented nearly insurmountable challenges for my little gamers, and once again, it was Dad to the rescue.

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Nintendo’s King of the Ring finally joins Smash Bros.

Lil Mac returns to the Ring in Smash Bros

Well, it’s about damn time.

After first introducing us to the magic that a Nintendo all-star fighting game could be in 1999 (god, typing that makes me feel old), the House of Mario FINALLY brought a FIGHTER to the melee!

The introduction of Little Mac as a playable character during last week’s Nintendo direct was a surprise to me, but only because they’ve ignored the fighter standing in their midst for so long.

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