The Agent Palmer Proxycast

“Palmer doesn’t need his own podcast, he has yours!”

– Bill of The Wicked Theory Podcast

Our Liner Notes
Episode 63: Our Liner Notes “Made in the USA”

This week I return to Our Lines Notes as a guest, while Chris and Guest co-host Diamond Dave discuss “Bands From America.” I bring one of the top rock albums of the late 70’s, while Chris picks cuts from an influential if not flawed group of the 80’s and Dave selects tracks from one of the most musical gifted groups of the 90’s. All of this and more!

Listen to Our Liner Notes Episode 54.

Episode 62: 7 Days A Geek “D.B. & the Squatch”

This week, I join The Angry Ginger and Bill Sweeney from The Wicked Theory Podcast who just celebrated their 50th episode to geek out about many geeky things and D.B. Cooper!

Listen to 7 Days A Geek Episode #152.

Gotham Lights Podcast
Episode 61: Gotham Lights “The Gentle Art of Agent Palmer”

Stefanie and Henno have allowed my return, alone, to review S3 Ep14 of #Gotham Mad City: The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies. This time with no Grant (or even Bill), I attempt to navigate the show back to good “juju” after both hosts missed discussing the ending of last week’s episode.

Listen to Gotham Lights Episode 58.

The Wicked Theory Podcast Proxycast-Episode
Episode 60: The Wicked Theory Podcast “The Emailisode”

This week the snow keeps people from meeting up in person! So Dom, Ed, and I Skype in to the show joining Bill and Bob!
We discuss and/or goof on: Mr. Robot, Woody Miiight Mentor Han, Dr. Strange & Thor & Hulk, Carrie Fisher’s Urn, Disney Princesses, Graphic Novel Recommendations, The Shadow Line, And a bunch of Star Wars talk throughout!

Listen to The Wicked Theory Podcast Episode 87.

The Wicked Theory Podcast Proxycast-Episode
Episode 59: The Wicked Theory Podcast “What’s Coming In 2017”

This week: I joined Wicked theory for a live New Years Eve episode and during it we said farewell to all the famous (and the questionably famous) we lost this year! And then to instill hope for the future, we listed off all the cool TV and MOVIE stuff you need to keep an eye on this new year!

Listen to The Wicked Theory Podcast Episode 86.

Episode 58: 7 Days A Geek “Year In Review”

In this episode, Paula from the Tell Me Stories Podcast joins The Angry Ginger and I to discuss “Things that happened in 2016”. People died, TV was watched and movies existed and some were even watched…

Listen to 7 Days A Geek Episode #151.

Reasons Are Several Podcast
Episode 57: Reasons Are Several “Breaking News”

After some “Breaking News” at a press conference, The NASCAR Minute, and some movie news, I joined Matt and Neil to pick all of the Bowl Game Winners (seriously, ALL of them.)

Listen to Reasons Are Several Episode #147.
See all of the 2016 College Bowl Picks Matt, Neil and I made.

Gotham Lights Podcast
Episode 56: Gotham Lights “Dear Friends”

Hold on to your cape and cowl folks and strap yourself in to the bat mobile because Stef and Henno welcome The Agent Palmer (that’s me) and The Grant Markham this week to talk about the Gotham fall finale, where the show is heading, podcasting, and more.

Listen to Gotham Lights Episode 51.

The Wicked Theory Podcast Proxycast-Episode
Episode 55: The Wicked Theory Podcast “Infinity Garage Sale”

With Ed stranded in the wilds of NYC, Grant Markham (The Stranger Conversations / 7 Days A Geek) and I join Bill and Bob to discuss geeky news and other such nerdy things. Also, live updates from Ed’s excursion into the wilds of NYC happen throughout the episode!

Listen to The Wicked Theory Podcast Episode 80.

2016 PodtoberFest
Episode 54: “PodtoberFest” 2016

Split up and released as part of 7 Days A Geek’s 30 Days of Podcasting, Podtoberfest 2016 was a Live 24 hour podcast recorded over two 12 hour days. I joined all of Shumway Industries in person in Michigan for the recording…

Listen to Monkey Poo Studios Presents “Podtoberfest” 2016.
PodtoberFest 2016: The First Gathering of Shumway

The Wicked Theory Podcast Proxycast-Episode
Episode 53: The Wicked Theory Podcast “Superhero Roadtrips”

This week I tag along with Bill, Bob and Ed to cover “The Big Geek Test,” PodotberFest, new television, movies new or new to us, as well as news and of course listener emails which leads to a discussion about which superhero we’d want on a roadtrip!

Listen to The Wicked Theory Podcast Episode 76.


Gotham Lights Podcast
Episode 52: Gotham Lights “New Day Rising”

Coming to you all the way from Michigan, Stef leads a cast of Gotham Lights featuring Grant Markham (@insta_grants2) of Seven Days A Geek podcast, Bill Sweeney (@WickedTheory) of the Wicked Theory Podcast and Agent Palmer (@AgentPalmer) of All Media known to man to discuss Gotham S3 E4 New Day Rising. Follow them all and let them know which one is your favorite Gotham Light.

Listen to Gotham Lights Episode 43.