Excepting that literally speaking, Courtesy is a horrible password.

Sure, in this instance, as the start of a sentence, it has the capital C and is 8 characters long, but it does not contain a single special character or number, which is now a requirement for most passwords.

So for safety, your password should not be Courtesy. In fact, it shouldn’t even be your safe word!

If you wanted it to be the clue, that could be a good idea. Courtesy is “a polite remark or respectful act” so if you want to use your favorite one of those, that might work better. May I suggest FistBump4Respect!

But to reign this in, courtesy is in the same vein as etiquette and that has its place in many places excepting digital mediums. As sad as it may be, very few of the talking heads on any of the television networks, Tiktoks, Snapchats, YouTubes, or other sundry streams have that on their minds. Stir the pot, get the ratings. It’s easier to be less courteous when you’re talking to a lens.

So pretend the lens is a person and attempt to be courteous. Your world will then be less full of strife and hate, and that might be the best way to make courtesy your password to safety.