This fortune, like many others seems very philosophical. “Your moods signal a period of change.” The question is how can you use this information to identify one period from the other.

If you’re coming off of a high from finishing a project, the change in your mood and the moving from one period to the next is easy, but what about the day to day stuff.

Not everything is large and easily identifiable. You wake up in a great mood and then by mid afternoon, the greatness has dissipated. What does that mean? Where were you this morning, that you aren’t right now? What does that signify?

Space Invaders is like Life

Space Invaders is like Life

Maybe it has to do with what has happened since morning? Maybe it is a different place, in your headspace it may appear to be so. Your mind is a terribly difficult thing to understand.

Life comes at you constantly, like a never-ending game of Space Invaders, stuff is always coming at you. But unlike the game, life comes at you slow, then fast, then faster, then slow, in unrecognizable patterns. Your mind attempts to tackle everything you throw at it.

So the best thing you can do is to take note of your moods. If they are indeed signals of change, you would be wise to learn from these signals.