About Agent Palmer

Relatively obscure internet personality Jason Stershic, a.k.a. Agent Palmer, is known for his blog AgentPalmer.com and his podcast ThePalmerFiles.com, plus his countless contributions to other blogs, podcasts, and digital communities. He has celebrated the works of Ralph Bakshi, Len Deighton, Douglas Coupland, Peter Jackson, and many more.

His most recent ongoing blog series Track by Track, which offers a deep dive into albums join his other series Coffee Declassified, The A to Z Files, Old School Magic (The Gathering), and his original ongoing blog series, Ralph Bakshi: A Rotospective.

He is not a published author, but has edited a published book of poetry, Nocturnal Wanderings by Jason Zapata, in 2013. He has since focused his energies encouraging friends to pursue their own creative passions, many are still in the works, but when allowed, Stershic will share what he can.

Jason’s first digital endeavour, AgentPalmer dot com was a blog for the purposes of writing exercises, but it turned into a fulfilling platform to share his thoughts on, among other things, the creative mediums he consumes. It was first launched in 2011, and the site continues to post new content weekly on Thursdays.

This blog is an amalgamation of all the things that make me a geek
and my opinions of them.

After the success of the blog, and after enjoying the podcast guest circuit, and trying his hand at podcast producing, in 2019 Jason stepped out from behind the shadows to launch The Palmer Files Podcast, which releases new episodes every other Tuesday. (Want to know more about how The Palmer Files came to be? You can read all about it, or listen to the story.)

Born in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, Jason has a degree in Communications from Keystone College, which he immediately parlayed into a 7 year retail career before spending nearly a decade marketing his home as a travel destination for a destination marketing organization. Since then he has worked in I.T. and marketing and is currently working as a consultant, blogger, podcaster, editor, and producer.

A compelling storyteller and host, Stershic has discussed everything from pop culture nerd news, specific television show episode recaps, music, and much more on podcasts such as 7 Days A Geek, Gotham Lights, Moving the Needle, Our Liner Notes, The Podcast Digest, and The Wicked Theory Podcast. If you’re interested in having him come speak, he can be booked through reach out through any of his social media channels or his email.

An active member of WDIY Board of Directors Biographers International Organization since 2021, Jason has also served on the WDIY Marketing Committee, as well.

Jason lives in Pennsylvania with his partner Stef and a cat named Max who does whatever he wants. You can find him tweeting about things he has done, things his friends have done, or just utter nonsense on Twitter at @AgentPalmer, and Agent Palmer on Facebook. Or you can e-mail him at TheAgentPalmer (AT) gmail (DOT) com. Go ahead. He’ll respond.

Agent Palmer in the Media

February 4th, 2014:
Featured as the Blog of the Week by NEPA Blogs on WBRE’s PA Live!

April 9th, 2014:
Featured as The Nerding Instinct Podcast’s 15Mb of Fame in Episode 17 – Creature Feature.

May 5th, 2015
Featured guest on The Stranger Conversations with Grant Markham Episode 13.