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The Shannara Chronicles – The Hype and The Hope

MTV The Shannara Chronicles Coming 2016

Special Report by Agent Z

MTV is planning to launch a televised Shannara series. I imagine my reaction to the announcement was shared by most fans of the popular fantasy novels. MTV, really? The network known for producing reality television was taking on the massive undertaking of adapting Terry Brooks’ novel, The Elfstones of Shannara.

My initial anticipation was tepid given my negative perception of the network’s programming.

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Small Oddities

Small Oddities Soccer Chess and more

Small Oddities: Sport, Dessert, Fantasy, and Reality

More great artwork is to be found on the interwebs and most is done with many various techniques and skill levels, although what I have for you here is done with the most expert of skills. Photographs and digital paintings from the real to the conceptual to the fantastic. All of these pieces are what make the internet a great place for sharing and discovering art.

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Small Oddities

Small Oddities: Clerks, Trees, Serenity and Solitude

I am always amazed at the talent found on DeviantArt. The brushstrokes, a correctly placed pixel, the click of a camera at the right moment, the correct light, cartoon irony, serenity and humor. It’s all in my feed thanks, in no small part, to the talented artists and photographers that make up my watch-list.

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