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Twenty Twenty-Two In Review

Twenty Twenty-Two. No jetpacks, no faster-than-light traveling, no flying cars (at least not mass produced and widely available or reliable). In short, this isn’t the Jetsons future we thought it might be.

Why does that matter? Because by any metric for arguably anyone born on the other side of Y2K, 2022 was the future. Well, the future is now, and it’s not living up to expectations, I can tell you that. So let’s look back on the year as it was, and ignore the things it would or should have been.

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Agent Palmer’s 16 Movies to See in 2016

We are firmly in 2016. Okay, so it’s just a week, but there’s no going back. So let’s take a look forward at the 16 movies to watch in 2016.

While 2015 had quite the haul of geek movies and other interesting films released, this year is already looking to top it.

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Zapped! It’s everything you want in an 80’s Science Fiction Film with extra Boobs

In 1982, two years before Charles in Charge teamed up Scott Baio and Willie Aames, they were together in Zapped!, a cheesy 80’s science fiction romp if ever there was one.

It had everything a teen 80’s movie required: a heartthrob as the lead character Barney Springboro played by Baio, a best friend played by Willie Aames, high school drama, your standard teen angst, a crazy old wise-cracking character in Scatman Crothers as Dexter Jones, a standard Eddie Deezen playing a geek character, your typical 80’s tunes and, well, lots and lots of boobs.

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