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‘Somewhere You Feel Free’ plants appreciation for Tom Petty and ‘Wildflowers’ album

Somewhere You Feel Free plants appreciation for Tom Petty and Wildflowers album

Tom Petty is iconic with, and that’s without the Heartbreakers or Traveling Wilburys. On his second solo album, 1994’s “Wildflowers,” Petty cemented himself as a legendary singer-songwriter. While he already was an icon to most of us after eight albums with the Heartbreakers and another two with the Wilburys, this removed all doubt.

“Somewhere You Feel Free” is a documentary with some modern interviews peppered in.

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Meet me at the food court: Jasper Mall examines a dying breed

Meet me at the food court - Jasper Mall examines a dying breed

Jasper Mall is a documentary about where malls are as of 2020. The height of “mall nostalgia” isn’t enough to support the malls, so we’re forced to ask, “Where are they now?” They aren’t nearly what we remember, and unless something changes, they won’t be anything but myth.

There are some real shots at the beginning of this documentary that feel like they belong in a surrealist film. Empty mall. Empty parking lot. Empty sky. These shots, while beautiful, are also haunting.

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“It All Begins with a Song” sings praises of the Creative Process

It all Begins with a Song sings praises of the creative process

If you have been listening to The Palmer Files podcast or following me on Twitter, then you know I am interested in the process. I love figuring out how it’s done, how to do it better, how to create and recreate. I’m intrigued by all of it, and “It All Begins with a Song” is absolutely about the process.

It’s the story of Nashville as the songwriting capital of the world, but it’s also about the process of songwriting, which is applicable to any and all creative endeavors. For this reason, every creator should watch this documentary.

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