And with a little luck, it can also offer great hope to you.

This is as much a call to enjoy the moment with and without others as it is about being in the moment with others.

First off, in this life we can’t do it all alone and second, we usually don’t take the time to enjoy our burrito or stop and smell the roses.

I’m not entirely sure that sharing little joys offers great hope to others as the fortune says, because the creation of that joy may not have been because of the others, it may have been because of you. If that’s the case, you’re actually giving false hope to others, which is a horrible thing to do.

But the sentiment, I started with, about stopping to smell the roses, or to enjoy your burrito is something worth holding onto. It’s something that everyone does, but not enough. Everyone should be doing it more… That’s the point.

Enjoy this life and do it in the company of others.

Keep Calm and Enjoy Your Burrito

Keep Calm and Enjoy Your Burrito