Or at least forward. Until we create time travel and that is assuming we’ll be able to travel back in time and not just forward into the future. Otherwise, be glad that it’s leading upwards for you, you’re feet won’t have to reach the path of life, it’ll just rise up to meet them.

Although, many people say that life has ups and downs, I’m not sure who exactly, but I’ve heard it. So, is this fortune attempting to give you a positive outlook on life? Saying the path will lead upward as code for things are looking up?

Or is it literal, in the fact that you shall climb a mountain and choose a path where the path actually leads up into the sky.

I guess, this fortune could be like a Rorschach test, where what you see says something about you. Although most fortunes are like that. You read into them what you will, based on where you are in life and what you’re going through as well as who you are.

I guess, it is really, entirely up to you…

Shall lead upwards for you

Shall lead upwards for you