Everyone should be interested. The question is are they actively or passively interested?

Higher EducationObviously, passive interest will only gain you what you put into it. So be interested in higher education and make sure it’s an active interest.

I know in Colorado a “higher” education means two things these days, and the Colorado high may enable you to actively pursue the spiritual education you’ve always dreamed of, but for those who want it material, I need to explain something… Material higher education is does not require tuition.

Although at this time, Barnes & Noble is the only chain bookstore with physical locations that exists, with a few Mom & Pop bookstores still around, there is the internet and this other amazing invention that goes back to Ancient times, the library!

Going to the library and or purchasing books online or in a store will help you achieve a higher education.

I myself make sure to read before bed about six out of seven nights of the week. The exception is usually the fault of exhaustion. Read, read, read, read and read.

I know that tablets and computers and phones are portable entertainment consuming devices, but unplug every once in a while. Your eyes will thank you, your body will thank you and your mind will thank you.

Go to the Library

Go to the Library!