Magic the Gathering Ice Age Reprints and Functional Reprints

There were 26 reprints from Fourth Edition, one reprint from Unlimited and ten functional reprints, when Ice Age was released in June of 1995.

Reprinted from Fourth Edition:

Circle of Protection: Black
Circle of Protection: Blue
Circle of Protection: Green
Circle of Protection: Red
Circle of Protection: White
Dark Ritual
Death Ward
Giant Growth
Howl from Beyond
Power Sink
Sleight of Mind
Stone Rain
Swords to Plowshares
Wild Growth

Reprinted from Unlimited:

Icy Manipulator

Functional Reprints and their Counterparts:

Balduvian Bears is a Grizzly Bears from Fourth Edition and Barbary Apes from Legends.*
Fyndhorn Elves is a Llanowar Elves from Fouth Edition.
Hydroblast is a Blue Elemental Blast from Fourth Edition.**
Juniper Order Druid is a Ley Druid from Fourth Edition.
Kjeldoran Warrior is a Benalish Hero from Fourth Edition.*
Knight of Stromgald is a Order of the Ebon Hand from Fallen Empires.*
Moor Fiend is a Bog Wraith from Fourth Edition.*
Orcish Cannoneers is a Orcish Artillery from Fourth Edition.
Order of the White Shield is a Order of Leitbur from Fallen Empires.*
Pyroblast is a functional reprint of Red Elemental Blast from Fourth Edition.**
Tor Giant is a functional reprint of Hill Giant from Fourth Edition.
Zuran Spellcaster is a functional reprint of Prodigal Sorcerer from Fourth Edition.

Old School Magic: Ice Age the First Set Block Expansion

*Change in creature type.
** Slight rules change.

Functional Reprints and their Counterparts Gallery