Magic the Gathering Mirage Reprints and Functional Reprints

There were 14 reprints in Mirage, one reprint from Antiquities, Ice Age and Homelands, two from Legends/Chronicles and nine from Fourth Edition plus eight functional reprints, when Mirage was released in October of 1996.

Reprinted from Antiquities:


Reprinted from Fourth Edition:

Dark Ritual
Drain Life
Healing Salve
Power Sink
Stone Rain

Reprinted from Ice Age:


Reprinted from Homelands:

Memory Lapse

Reprinted from Legends/Chronicles:

Divine Offering

Functional Reprints and their Counterparts:

Bay Falcon is a Zephyr Falcon from Legends and Fourth Edition.
Dwarven Nomad is a Dwarven Warriors from Fourth Edition.
Femeref Healer is a Samite Healer from Fourth Edition.
Fetid Horror is a Hoar Shade from Ice Age.
Giant Mantis is a Giant Spider from Fourth Edition.*
Noble Elephant is a War Elephant from Arabian Nights/Chronicles.
Restless Dead is a Drudge Skeletons from Fourth Edition and Walking Dead from Legends.
Wild Elephant is a War Mammoth from Fourth Edition.*

Old School Magic: Mirage the set that perfected Color Balance with some Old School Flair

*Change in creature type.

Functional Reprints and their Counterparts Gallery