Magic the Gathering Tempest Reprints and Functional Reprints

There were 30 total reprints in Tempest; 13 from Fifth Edition, 11 from Portal, 5 from Mirage and 1 from Visions and five functional reprints, when Tempest was released in October of 1997.

Learn about Old School Magic: Tempest hearkens the beginning of The Rath Cycle

Reprinted from Fifth Edition:

Circle of Protection: Black
Circle of Protection: Blue
Circle of Protection: Green
Circle of Protection: Red
Circle of Protection: White
Dark Ritual
Gaseous Form
Giant Strength
Power Sink
Spell Blast

Reprinted from Portal:

Armored Pegasus
Charging Rhino
Horned Turtle
Natural Spring
Needle Storm
Rain of Tears
Stone Rain
Time Ebb
Wind Drake
Winter’s Grasp

Reprinted from Mirage:

Dark Banishing
Dream Cache
Rampant Growth

Reprinted from Visions:


Functional Reprints and their Counterparts:

Clergy En-vec is a Samite Healer from 5th Edition.
Pit Imp is a Vampire Bats from 5th Edition*
Rootwater Hunter is a Prodigal Sorcerer from 5th Edition and Zuran Spellcaster from Ice Age*
Skyshroud Troll is a Gorilla Chieftain from Alliances*
Staunch Defenders is a Spiritual Guardian from Portal*

*Change in creature type.

Functional Reprints and their Counterparts Gallery