Antitrust Movie Poster


Writer: Howard Franklin

Director: Peter Howitt

Release: January 12, 2001

Tagline(s): Truth can be dangerous… Trust can be deadly.
Who’s watching you?
A good idea can get you millions. A great Idea can get you killed.
Trust is not an option.

Producer(s): Keith Addis, David Nicksay, Nick Wechsler
Executive-Producer(s): Ashok Amritraj, Julia Chasman, C.O. Erikson, David Hoberman

Stars/Actors: Ryan Phillippe, Rachael Leigh Cook, Claire Forlani, Tim Robbins, Douglas McFerran, Richard Roundtree

Music by: Don Davis

Production Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Genre(s): Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

ID: tt0218817

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 1 hour and 49 minutes

Synopsis: A computer programmer’s dream job at a hot Portland-based firm turns nightmarish when he discovers his boss has a secret and ruthless means of dispatching anti-trust problems.

Declassified by Agent Palmer: Antitrust still presents Argument that is Anything but Binary

Quotes and Lines

Gary Winston: “What would you do with a billion dollars Milo? ”
Milo Hoffman: “Mmm I don’t know…”
Gary Winston: “I’ll tell you what you could do. You could take that money and put it back into technology, education and the arts. You can transform culture. I found the opera company, symphony orchestras, museums, theatres, steels… I have donated thousands of computers to schools throughout the country. The question really is, how many of the people you share discoveries with will be altruistic? and how many will make fortunes of your generosity?” Gary

Larry: We don’t take anything seriously, unless it’s on a hard drive.

Caller: How’s it going?
Building 20 Guard: Big night. Switched from tea to coffee. Brought new meaning to my work.

Inspector: [looking for fingerprints on a keyboard] Dust the colon and the backslash key! Only geeks use those keys.