Bad Words Movie Poster

Bad Words

Writer: Andrew Dodge

Director: Jason Bateman

Release: March 28, 2014

Tagline: The end justifies the mean.

Producer(s): Jason Bateman, Jeff Culotta, Sean McKittrick, Mason Novick
Executive Producer(s): Darren M. Demetre, James Garavente, Edward H. Hamm Jr.
Co-Producer(s): Michelle Knudsen, Gary Marcus

Stars/Actors: Jason Bateman, Kathryn Hahn, Rohan Chand, Philip Baker Hall, Allison Janney, Ben Falcone

Music by: Rolfe Kent

Production Company: Aggregate Films, Darko Entertainment

Genre(s): Comedy, Drama

ID: tt2170299

Rating: R

Runtime: 89 minutes

Synopsis: A spelling bee loser sets out to exact revenge by finding a loophole and attempting to win as an adult.

Declassified by Agent Palmer: Five R-E-A-S-O-N-S to Watch Bad Words

Quotes and Lines

Chaitanya Chopra: Not everything is about winning.
Guy Trilby: I know that’s true. Closure is pretty nice too.

Guy Trilby: I’m not that good at a lot of stuff. Especially thinking things through. And that’s why this plan was so shitty. But my feelings were hurt, and I’m glad I at least did something about it. Making bad decisions is nothing new to me.

Proctor at Spelling Bee: So, are you a judge?
Guy Trilby: No. I’m the WINNER.

Chaitanya Chopra: This soda pop is so delicious.
Guy Trilby: I’d just say soda, otherwise you’re gonna get raped.

Chaitanya Chopra: Do you remember your winning word? I’m Chaitanya, remember?
Guy Trilby: I can’t do it again, Shwarma.
Chaitanya Chopra: Chaitanya. How about just your favorite word?
Guy Trilby: I’m serious pal.
Chaitanya Chopra: You don’t have one?
Guy Trilby: I don’t. Nope. Sorry.
Chaitanya Chopra: Mine is subjugate. It just sounds so cool, you know? Subjugate. Subjugate. Subjugate. What’s yours?
Guy Trilby: How about ‘shut the fuck up?’
Chaitanya Chopra: Well, that’s four words – a sentence, really.