Bye Bye Barry

Directors: Paul Monusky, Micaela Powers, Angela Torma

Release: November 21, 2023

Tagline: The Greatest Mystery in Sports History

Executive Producer(s): Pat Kelleher, Ross Ketover, Ken Rodgers, Brian Rolapp

Stars/Actors: Tim Allen, Bill Belichick, Jeff Daniels, Eminem, Calvin Johnson, Herman Moore, Dan Patrick, Rodney Peete, Jalen Rose, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith

Production Company: NFL Films

Genre(s): Sports, Football, Biography, History, Documentary

ID: tt29720239

Runtime: 92 minutes

Declassified by Agent Palmer: Bye Bye Barry Makes Me Wish for More Modern Men like Sanders

Quotes and Lines

“Every franchise wants to be able to point to greatness. You want to be able to go, ‘That’s when we were great. That’s when we were excellence personified.’ Barry Sanders gave us that.” – Jeff Daniels

“I think everybody still wants to know why Barry retired. They want to know the mystery. The real mystery might be why we’re surprised in the first place. Because everything he did throughout his life, his career, how he felt about fame and personal records, walking away the way he did is just another example of Barry being Barry.” Dan Patrick

“God, I’m so proud of him. The average football player would have been trying to set records and trying to hang on. And he walked away at the height of his career, and that really takes guts.”