Destination Wedding Movie Poster

Destination Wedding

Writer: Victor Levin

Director: Victor Levin

Release: August 8, 2018

Tagline: Check your baggage.

Producer(s): Elizabeth Dell, Robert Jones
Co-Producer: Pam Dixon
Associate-Producer(s): Babak Eftekhari, Arnaud Lannic, Umida Umarbekova
Executive-Producer(s): David Dinerstein, Cassian Elwes, Wayne Marc Godfrey, James Harris, Mark Lane, Gail Lyon, Jason Resnick, William Sadleir, Jean Wyman

Stars/Actors: Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder

Music by: William Rose

Production Company: thefyzz

Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, Drama

ID: tt6987770

Rating: R

Runtime: 90 minutes

Based On: Based

Synopsis: The story of two miserable and unpleasant wedding guests, Lindsay and Frank, who develop a mutual affection despite themselves.

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Quotes and Lines

Lindsay: How can this be the way the species is set up?
Frank: I’m sorry?
Lindsay: How can we be allowed to feel so much for people who don’t feel anything for us?

Lindsay: Love has nothing to do with like?

Lindsay: Healthy people are sick?

Lindsay: Do you care about anything?

Frank: How many times in life have you been in love?

Frank: How does anybody drink wine at 11:00 in the morning?

Lindsay: But don’t you believe there’s someone for everyone?

Frank: When did crutches get a bad name? When you have a broken leg you need a crutch. In fact, it would be stupid not to have a crutch.

Frank: I’d rather be strong and ruined than weak and ruined.
Lindsay: I’m not weak. I just have hope.
Frank: That’s the same thing.

Lindsay: Why did you save me?

Lindsay: I’ve been pretty sure for a very long time that life is essentially a horrible experience…

Frank: If it all sucks, then fuck it, but if it doesn’t all suck, then there’s so much pressure…

Frank: There’s nothing beautiful or transcendent about being human.

Lindsay: What if happiness is contagious?

Frank: Why do people need the dangled carrot of a future?

Lindsay: Why would you want me to perpetuate my general circumstances?

Lindsay: Why do we live?

Lindsay: What if we’re falling in love?

Lindsay: What if love comes for everyone?
Frank: Don’t be absurd.
Lindsay: What if no one is immune, not even us?

Lindsay: Don’t you want to secretly have a romantic life that confirms your hopes instead of your cynicism?

Frank: How much shit has to fall on your head before you start wearing a hat?

Lindsay: You can’t die from jumping out of a basement window.

Lindsay: There are other people in the world.
Frank: There are?