Downtown Owl

Author: Chuck Klosterman

Release: September 16, 2008

Tagline: A Novel

Publisher: Scribner

Genre: Fiction, Small Town

ISBN-10: 1416544186
ISBN-13: 978-1416544180

Main Character(s): Mitch, Julia, Horace, John, Cubby

Synopsis: A tale based on a deadly 1984 North Dakota blizzard follows the experiences of a small rural community devoted to its high-school athletics and its citizens’ minor scandals, until a dangerous storm impacts the town in unsettling and powerful ways.

Declassified by Agent Palmer: Human Condition the Subtle Neon Glimmer of Downtown Owl

Quotes and Lines

Teaching history to eighth graders is like being a tour guide for people who hate their vacation. – Julia

There is no feeling that can match the emotive intensity of an attraction devoid of explanation. – Julia

Society is so confused, Mitch thought. Everyone wanted to become the person they were already pretending to be. – Mitch

They were thankful for things they were not conscious of. – Mitch

It is important to have questionable friends you can trust unconditionally. – Mitch

And what was money? It was merely a temptation to commit wrong. Rich people weren’t happy. They were generally miserable and usually confused. Most of the time they didn’t even realize they were rich; almost without exception, they wrongly viewed themselves as middle-class. But there’s no such thing as middle-class. The middle class does not exist. If you believe you are part of the middle class, it just means you’re rich and insecure or poor and misinformed. – Horace

We all believe that we are a certain kind of person, but we never know until we do something that proves otherwise, or until we die. – Horace