Susan Fletcher Dragons Milk Cover

Dragon’s Milk

Author: Susan Fletcher

Release: October 31, 1989

Publisher: Atheneum

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Adventure, Young Adult

ISBN-10: 0689315791
ISBN-13: 978-0689315794

Main Character: Kaeldra

Synopsis: Kaeldra, an outsider adopted by an Elythian family when she was young, possesses the power to understand dragons and uses this power to try to save her younger sister, who needs dragon’s milk to recover from an illness

Declassified by Agent Palmer: Dragon’s Milk offers a cup full of life lessons

Quotes and Lines

“I know, my child. You thought I had powerful magic. But my spells are spells of knowing, not of changing. And the years have worn away most of what poor power I once possessed.”

He who tasteth of power
Weaker fare will nevermore content.
– Kragish proverb

“…the man you’ve never met in the place you’ve never been.”

“They shouldn’t have had to leave!” she cried in sudden anger. “They have a right to be here! They belong to the earth as much as we!”

The wild creatures of the earth are as milk for the human spirit; to destroy them is to starve our souls.
– Private Journals, Landerath