Ethera Grave

Author: Essa Hansen

Release: July 18, 2023

Tagline: The Graven Book Three

Publisher: Orbit

Genre: Science Fiction

ISBN-10: 0316430730
ISBN-13: 978-0316430739

Main Character(s): Abriss Cetre, C, Caiden Winn, Leta, Threi Center

Synopsis: Caiden has finally been reunited with his sister Leta after ten years on the run with his unique starship and managed to convince his longtime enemy—Threi—to join his side. But the multiverse isn’t safe yet. Threi’s sister is still the most powerful being in existence. And she still wants to collapse their beautiful, diverse, constellation of multiverses down to one.

Declassified by Agent Palmer: Multiversal Mayhem Caps Graven Trilogy in the Unbelievably Good Ethera Grave

Quotes and Lines

“Amity missions are important,” she replied. “I’m still expected to lead Unity. It’s not yet so united it’s stand on its own like the Graven civilization of the past, casting away notions of leadership and class.” – Abriss

Matter was multidimensional to Abriss now…

Redemption isn’t a lightning strike–it’s work. It’s pain. It shouldn’t ever end, and no forgiveness will complete it.”

The physicality of paper writing helped her idea seed into ground, to gain a lasting immediacy through tendon and bone to brain matter.

“Passion is one step from recklessness.” – Feran

“Words are important. They shape our biases. That changes our perception, which changes our actions. The entire social world is shaped by words and stories. You might want to give that some more thought if you’re intending to battle Abriss with words.”

His love for us can coexist with associations you disapprove of.”

En tsked and went on, “You’re at your limit. So it’s time to start to see care as an integral part of the fight. Because it is.”

our deeds were narrowed, privileged perspective, despite the good of them when isolated from the cost.”

Vaith sighed himself into a tangible form as well, to get between these two. Particles seethed together into a tall body cloaked in star-speckled space. He stepped in the middle, lit by Azura on one side and shadowing Ethera on the other. Why did he have to love beings who were so exhausting to manage?