Filmed In Brooklyn Margo Donohue Book Cover

Filmed In Brooklyn

Author: Margo Donohue

Release: October 17, 2022

Publisher: The History Press

Genre: History, Film, Travel

ISBN-10: 1467146765
ISBN-13: 978-1467146760

Synopsis: A Travel and Reference Guide to Filming History and Locations in Brooklyn.

Declassified by Agent Palmer: Brooklyn Beauties Focus of Margo Donohue’s Love Letter Film Study

Quotes and Lines

Vitagraph was successful in silent films because so much pantomime was needed to communicate between people and departments. It did not feel silly to make exaggerated faces or gestures all day long, both on and off camera, to get through a day’s work.

Brooklyn has a thriving tech economy and a cast community of artists and makers, which helps with the image of Brooklyn as a new Bohemia. It’s a land with history but is always facing the future. It’s organic, breathing and full of life.