Killing Bono Official Movie Poster

Killing Bono

Writers: Dick Clement, Ian La Frenais, Simon Maxwell, Neil McCormick, Ben Bond

Directors: Nick Hamm

Release: April 1, 2011

Tagline: Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll Rivalry

Producer(s): Ian Flooks, Mark Huffam, Piers Tempest
Co-Producer(s): Isibeal Ballance, Simon Maxwell

Stars/Actors: Ben Barnes, Ralph Brown, Jason Byrne, Sam Corry, Sean Doyle, Sean Duggan, David Fennelly, Mark Griffin, Aoife Holton

Production Company: Cinema Three

Genre(s): Music, Comedy

ID: tt1535101

Rating: R

Runtime: 114 minutes

Based On: Killing Bono: I was Bono’s Doppleganger by Neil McCormick

Synopsis: Two brothers attempt to become global rock stars but can only look on as old school friends U2 become the biggest band in the world.

Declassified by Agent Palmer: Killing Bono: A Great Movie, why wasn’t it made before?

Quotes and Lines

Karl: A word to the wise from an old man before you go. Remember only this: the measure of a man is what’s left when fame falls away… oh, and another thing: get as much sex as you can!

Rick: NO! Not really! In fact, I’ll tell you why you boys will never be signed to this label. You look like a pair of mental fortune tellers from a gypsy fair. And Hammond liked you, therefore, I hate you! I wouldn’t sign you to this label if you paid me a hundred grand and let me John Paul Pope your mother.

Ivan McCormick: You made the worst decision of my life!