One Day Ahead

Writer: Matthew Jenke

Directors: Matthew Jenke

Release: January 25, 2019

Producer: Matthew Jenke

Stars/Actors: John Randal, Steven Fish, Paul Arneson, Jason Kelly, Bruce Thompson, Stuart Lowe, Aaron Hill, Mike Conza, Jonathan Douglas, Julie Dunlop, Bill Boakes, Cameron Wyness, Hayden Roulston

Production Company: Silver Eye Films

Genre(s): Cycling, Documentary, Mental Health

ID: tt10161718

Runtime: 52 minutes

Synopsis: The story of eight New Zealand amateur cyclists attempting to complete the 2018 Tour de France race a day ahead of the professional race.

Declassified by Agent Palmer: “One Day Ahead” Spins a Great Story about Tour de France, Mental Health

Quotes and Lines

“Is it possible for an average bloke to ride all 21 stages of the Tour de France?” – Jonathan Douglas

Before arriving to France Team NZ had raised over $44,000 for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

“…Moments like that you really have to dig deep and draw something out of you because it’s a brutal brutal sport and it’s even more brutal when you’re not a professional athlete trying to do what the professionals do.” – Hayden Roulston

“I’m amazed at how surprising my emotions have been in the last two weeks and… You will have captured that and I can’t explain it, don’t know why, it’s just been epic. – Dr. Steven Fish

“When you see it on TV, you really, you don’t get a good sense of how incredible they are. You know, they’re just these little skinny guys that are sitting on their bikes looking like they’re just out for a Sunday ride. “ – John Randal

21 Days completed, 3500kms Cycled, 50,500 Total Elevation
Over $72,00 was raised for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

The Tour de France Team – riders and crew would like to thank their families, friends and donators for the generous support in allowing us to undertake this “once in a lifetime experience” while raising funds for the Mental Health Foundation of NZ. Than You

The Team
Paul Arnesen – Planning Consultant – Auckland
Bruce Thompson – Aircraft Technician – Auckland
Dr. Steven Fish – GP Doctor – Waimate
Mike Conza – Unemployed (left job to do this ride) – Auckland
John Randal – Victoria University – Wellington
Stuart Lowe – Accountant – Christchurch
Aaron Hill – Project Manager – Rangiora
Jason Kelly – Accountant – Hastings