Rock & Rule Movie Poster

Rock & Rule

Writers: Patrick Loubert, Peter Sauder

Director: Clive A. Smith

Release:July 24, 1987

Tagline(s): Sound you can see in the movie you can feel!
The Beauty… The Beast… The Beat!

Producer(s): Michael Hirsh, Patrick Loubert
Associate-Producer(s): Michael Harrison, Ted Kernaghan

Stars/Actors: Don Francks, Gregory Salata, Susan Roman, Samantha Langevin, Debbie Harry, Paul Le Mat, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Robin Zander

Music by: Patricia Cullen

Production Company: Nelvana

Genre(s): Animation, Fantasy, Music

ID: tt0086203

Rating: PG

Runtime: 77 minutes

Synopsis: A malevolent rock star kidnaps a female singer to force her to participate in the summoning of a demon and her band must help her stop him.

Declassified by Agent Palmer: Rock & Rule: The Cult Classic That Never Really Was

Quotes and Lines

“The War was over
          The only survivors were animals; dogs, cats and rats. From them a new race of mutants evolved.

          That was a long time ago…”

“MOK, a legendary superocker
has retired to OHMTOWN. There
his computers work at deciphering
          An ancient code
Which would unlock a doorway between
          this world and
                    Another dimension.

Obsessed with his dark experiment,
MOK himself searches for the last
crucial component-

A very special voice.”

Mok: Evil spelled backward is “live,” and we all want to live, don’t we?

TIX News Reporter: KIX morning news update. Mok’s promise to rewrite rock history was prematurely and tragically interrupted last night when an overwhelming power surge totally destroyed Carnage Hall and blacked out the entire city. Survivors described the destruction as “evil,” “spooky,” and “wow, bad karma, man.”

Mok: She can sing, or she can scream. But she still pissed me off.

Dizzy: Nuke York’s only three days away.
Stretch: Gonna take us six days. We only got half a car left.

Mok: Wars have been started for less. Gentlemen, when I want your opinions, I will give them to you!

Toad: Words to the wise-guy – be nice, or be dog food! Follow?

Mok: Open your eyes! Accept my offer.
Angel: No, Mok. I couldn’t leave them for anything.
Mok: I didn’t offer you ANYTHING. I offer you EVERYTHING!
Angel: No!
Mok: Too bad. But we all have our illusions, far be it for me to take away yours.