Spy Line by Len Deighton

Spy Line

Author: Len Deighton

Release: November 25, 1989

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf

Genre: Fiction, Spy Fiction, Espionage

ISBN-10: 0394551796
ISBN-13: 978-0394551791

Main Character(s): Bernard Samson, Fiona Samson, Frank Harrington, Erich Stinnes, Dickey Cruyer

Synopsis: British agent Bernard Samson finds himself inexplicably hunted as a traitor, forced to abandon his life, his job, his position, and plunge into hiding in the most dangerous and darkest corner of Berlin. What is happening? What has he done? Nothing makes sense until Samson discovers that the Secret Service has known all along where he is. In fact, they have never taken him off the payroll. And now they are prepared to return his freedom and good name — but there are strings attached, strings that begin to tighten around his neck even before his plane lands in Vienna…

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