The Inhuman Condition

Author: Clive Barker

Release: January 1, 1986

Tagline: Tales of Terror by Clive Barker

Publisher: Poseidon Press

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Short Stories


Synopsis: A collection of five short stories; The Inhuman Condition; The Body Politic; Revelations; Down, Satan!; and The Age of Desire, all focused on the nature of humanity. They’re told in extreme situations which shine a light on belief, want, need, and more human conditions.

Declassified by Agent Palmer: Barker’s Brand of Horror Celebrates The Inhuman Condition

Quotes and Lines

From now on he would need a place to hide, wouldn’t he? Men who’d seen miracles did.

Perhaps attempting to be rational about the human mind was a contradiction in terms.

She trusted unhappiness in people. More and more it was all she trusted. Sadness was so much more honest than the artificial bonhomie that was all the style these days: that facade of empty-headed optimism that was plastered over the despair that everyone felt in their heart of hearts.