The Kronos Interference

The Kronos Interference

Author: Edward Miller & J.B. Manas

Release: June 20, 2012

Publisher: Pop Culture Zoo Press

Genre: Time Travel, Fiction, Technology, Thriller

ISBN-10: 0615651623
ISBN-13: 978-0615651620

Main Character: Jacob Newman

Synopsis: How far would you go to save the world?

When physicist Jacob Newman is pulled from his family, his job, and his whole life to investigate a strange vessel discovered at the bottom of the South Pacific, he finds evidence of time travel, along with implications that a judgment day against mankind is imminent. But it isn’t until he cracks the time travel technology and uncovers a startling link to his own family history that he undertakes a dangerous mission back to 1924 to kill Adolf Hitler and undo a horrific episode of Earth’s violent past. The results are catastrophic, and soon he discovers much darker forces working against him—forces he must overcome if he hopes to save humanity and see his family again.

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