Book Cover of The Wishsong of Shannara by Terry Brooks

The Wishsong of Shannara

Author: Terry Brooks

Release: April 12, 2985

Publisher: Del Rey

Genre: Epic Fantasy, Fiction, High Fantasy

ISBN-10: 0345356365
ISBN-13: 978-0345356369

Main Character(s): Allanon, Brin Ohmsford, Cogline, Garet Jax, Jair Ohmsford, Kimber Boh, Rone Leah, Slanter, Whisper

Synopsis: Horror stalked the Four Lands as the Ildatch, ancient source of evil, sent its ghastly Mord Wraiths to destroy Mankind. Only Druid Allanon held the magic power of wishsong that could make plants bloom instantly or turn trees from green to autumn gold. But she, too, was in mortal danger, and Ildatch waited for Brin to fall into his trap…

Declassified by Agent Palmer: Spoiler Free Review of The Wishsong of Shannara: Final Chapter in The Sword of Shannara Trilogy

Quotes and Lines

“You shouldn’t believe everything you hear you’re young, not stupid.”

“As with all things, time’s wheel will come around once more.”

“It had been midsummer and she had used the wishsong to turn the tree’s summer green to autumn crimson; in her child’s mind, it seemed perfectly all right to do so, since red was a far prettier color than green. Her father had been furious; it had taken almost three years for the tree to come back again after the shock to its system. That had been the last time either she or Jair had used the magic when their parents were about”

“All my life I have been the best, and there is no one even close. I have traveled all of the lands, and I have never found anyone who was a match for me. But I keep looking…I shall be your protector as I have pledged that I would. I shall see you safely past wherever dangers threaten. I shall defend you even though I die doing so. But in the end it is the vision I seek-to test my skill against this dream!”

“He thought again about his father’s continual admonition to forgo use of the Elven magic. His father just didn’t understand. The magic was a part of him, and using it was as natural as using his arms and legs. He couldn’t pretend it wasn’t there any more than he could pretend they weren’t”

“Yet all lies are not intended. Sometimes what we believe to be truth is but a falsehood which deceives us. Perhaps that is what has happened here. Perhaps”

“We are to be friends, all of us, and if we are to be friends, then we must share both good and bad in our friendship.”

“Cures everything, that Gnome ale.”

“—What am I but a gathering of wisdom’s lessons culled through the ages and bound for the usage of mortal beings?”

“I am neither good nor evil, but simply a thing that is. Learning, recorded and bound—there for any who might seek to know.”

“Oddest bunch I’ve ever come across”