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Untold: The Rise and Fall of And1

Writers: Names

Director: KEvin Wilson Jr.

Release: August 23, 2022

Producer: Talin Parseghian Middleton
Executive Producer(s): Ryan Duffy, Jaymee Messler, Howard Owens, Ben Silverman, Miguel Tamayo, Isabel San Vargas, Chapman Way, Maclain Way

Stars/Actors: Rafer Alston, Tom Austin, Seth Berger, Grayson Boucher, Philip Champion, Rielle Creighton, Luis Da Silva Jr, Waliyy Dixon, Jay Coen Gilbert, Shane Woney

Music by: Brocker Way

Production Company: Players’ Tribune

Genre(s): Documentary, Sports, Business, History

ID: tt21388560

Rating: TV-MA

Runtime: 68 minutes

Synopsis: Inspired by New York City streetball, influential brand AND1 turned local legends on the court into international icons. So why did it come to an end?

Declassified by Agent Palmer: Untold attempts to answer: Whatever happened to AND1?

Quotes and Lines

“This is where it’s at. It’s New York City. Street Basketball. This is our culture. This is what we do, B. This is our job. Yo, back in the day, it was like a big block party. The atmosphere, the energy. It was just special. But AND1, they just took it to another level. Tokyo, Japan. Venezuela. Brazil. You know, it was pandemonium. AND1? They had the best ballplayers in street basketball. And the best players get the best names. Like Skip 2 My Lou. The Main Event. Shane, The Dribbling Machine. We talking about Hot to the Sauce. We talking about The Professor. A lot of people today say, ‘Whatever happened to AND1?’ I don’t know what happened to it. And I was a part of it.”