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Meerkat is Not the Next BIG Thing, It is just the Next Thing

Meerkat is Not the Next BIG Thing

Meerkat is trending. This is a fact. Partly it is trending because it’s a new name on the social media scene and partly because of its issues with Twitter’s Open Graph. But Meerkat is not new, nor is it innovative. It’s old and automated.

Meerkat has been described as SnapChat for live video with the added benefit of being tied into Twitter, so that all of your followers get the link to your live stream.

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Agent Palmer Delves Deep into the World of Twitter Chats (or How Twitter Chats Work)

Twitter Chats or Tweet Chats if you Prefer

I have lamented in the past about how Twitter is not Facebook, and I still believe that. I use Facebook for, well, Facebook’s sake, although not much. It’s mainly for the Agent Palmer Facebook page, to keep those fans who “like” that page informed, but rarely beyond that. Twitter, on the other hand, I enjoy as my own personal digital newspaper of sorts, as well as a community of never-ending and ongoing conversations.

But it can be overwhelming with the more than 232 million users, and the large percentage of those that are bots. It can sometimes feel as though you are talking to the wall.

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Finally, Someone’s doing Social Media Correctly | Copperhead Grille Allentown

Copperhead Grill Allentown Pa

I recently had lunch at the Copperhead Grille Allentown. As I usually do, or more accurately as I try to remember to do, I checked in on Foursquare. Then we got down to business, as it was a business lunch. We were greeted nicely and sat down to order.

I had a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, which unfortunately I didn’t Foodspot, but it was great. The meal the service it was excellent. But that’s not why I’m writing this blog. It was what happened hours after my visit that made my week!

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Anonymous needs to get smart. I think they literally punched their cause in the face!

Anonymous Logo

Do you know Anonymous? Their twitter description is “We are Anonymous, We are legion, We never forgive, We never forget, Expect us.” They’ve been attacking, a.k.a. digitally hacking, governments and other websites as part of their freedom fighting and digital Robin Hood act.

But Monday, one of their alleged members dropped the ball in a huge way.

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Public Service Announcement: Check your computer for DNS Malware

DNS Changer Working Group Malware Attack

The world has been abuzz with talk of the latest threat to our society. A DNS Malware, that if unchecked could render your box of silicon chips and wiring unable to connect to the internet on Monday. Well, there is a plus and a negative to this.

First off, there is a site that will check to see if you are infected, created by the DNS Changer Working Group, go there now to launch the check tool. For the record you could have contracted the malware through facebook or Google, but who goes to those places anyway?

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