Agent Palmer Gets a Package

Agents receive packages all the time. Usually, in unmarked brown paper wrapping from all over the globe. And commonly with contents for their eyes only. But I have received a package of similar look that must be shared.

It was a small care package from Chad, Jen, and Aiden (#lilman) of the Full of Fibre Podcast. It contained some Monogram Coffee, the “Torea Village” blend, and some stickers and magnets, but most notably a card, which I will declassify shortly.

Why did I get this care package? That’s a good question. I have been a blogger, writing long-form content week in and week out for this very site you’re on right now, but that wasn’t it, however after further thought perhaps that’s part of it. Anyway, was it because of the work I do behind the scenes of the 7 Days A Geek podcast as producer? Nope. How about all the unofficial “Agenting” I do for The Wicked Theory Podcast? Not that either. Is it my proxycasting? Doubtful… So what’s left?

What remains is my work behind the scenes at yet another podcast, as the editor of Chronicles Unwritten, a story-based podcast written by Diamond Dave Maier.

This deduction has everything to do with the note that I received with the package, a note that made my day and maybe even my month!

“To Agent Palmer, Thank you so much for helping Aiden (#lilman) with his writing. He thinks you guys are awesome and is inspired by you to keep trying and working at writing. Hope you enjoy this coffee! – Pod love from Chad, Jen & Aiden.

A note for Agent Palmer from Full of Fibre

A note for Agent Palmer from Full of Fibre

p.s. Don’t horde the coffee, drink it all asap!”

There are so many things I want to say. First, drink it all? Well, I just started brewing the second pot of it just now, you don’t have to tell me to drink coffee, it’s just what I do! But let’s get to the important stuff.

The fact that Diamond Dave and myself, as writer and editor respectively, have inspired Aiden to “keep trying and working at writing” is far beyond anything we could have hoped for when we started this journey with Chronicles Unwritten.

To know that we are inspiring a future writer in the next generation is a fantastic and heavy burden that we are not likely to put down. It’s a burden we shoulder with pride. A pride that our work is appreciated and a pride that our work is inspiring.

So, I am sincerely appreciative for the care package and the note. It’s not something that bloggers or podcasters receive on a regular basis, so to be the recipient of such kind words and to know that you are inspiring is something that can’t help but brighten your darkest moods.

But enough of that sentimental stuff, as honest as all of that may be, I must tell you all the story of this package. It wasn’t a complete shock to see it arrive, but actually, it kind of was.

Jen had asked me a while back for my address. Then a week or so later, I was asked if I had a coffee grinder, which unfortunately I do not. So Jen offered to grind the coffee for me, which I saw as necessary, unless I was going to just straight up eat the coffee beans, which isn’t the best way to savor coffee. She then later informed me the package had been sent and I should expect it.

A Care Package from Full of Fibre

A Care Package from Full of Fibre

So I did. And I waited, and waited, and waited… And then we started joking about the fact that it was making its international journey via stagecoach, or that because of the coffee it was stopped at customs. And all the while, I only knew about the coffee… The note and what it would mean to me, was something I had no idea about.

But when it finally arrived, I opened it and read the note. That’s when the smile crossed my face after a long day of work. In fact, I still smile when I look at the note.

So to Chad, Jen and Aiden, I thank you. Thank you for the coffee! In fact, this post was fueled by that fantastic “Torea Village” Ethiopian blend of coffee featuring “floral aromas with flavours of mandarin orange and ginger,” which I’m going to reserve for weekends or days off to make it last… Something like this should be savored and I plan on savoring every last drop!